How Much Do You Know About the Syrian Refugees?

Since the Syrian Revolution emerged in March of 2011 and the war began not long after, the dangers of war, fear of persecution, and destroyed infrastructure has forced millions out of their homes and their country. Because the number of those fleeing has climbed dramatically over the past six years, I put together an infographic to illustrate the current state of the refugee resettlement, according to recent UNHCR data and reports. While this has been deemed the largest refugee and displacement crisis of our time, it’s important to keep informed and know the facts to fully understand the magnitude of the impact. Continue reading “How Much Do You Know About the Syrian Refugees?”

A Refugee’s Story Part Two: Resilience

A continuum following Part One. 

Following the Free Army’s new presence in Aleppo, Ahmad explains the terror and hardship that soon crowded the divided city.

“During that time, Aleppo was really the most terrifying city,” Ahmad says. “Imagine two armies fighting each other in a city filled with people – it’s dangerous every single second.”

Ahmad sitting in front of a bombed school in his neighborhood in Aleppo.

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Not A Crisis, But A Grand Opportunity

Since being in Germany and immersing myself into this new culture, I’ve realized how fortunate I am that almost everyone I’ve encountered here speaks English. Although, the language barrier has prompted some problems when reading menus, understanding the tram and bus routes, figuring out how to run the dishwasher, and other basic tasks. Even so, I haven’t felt completely helpless by any means. Aside from a little frustration and a few wrong turns, it’s all been manageable. Continue reading “Not A Crisis, But A Grand Opportunity”

We Don’t Know What We’re Not Told

Prior to setting off on this German endeavor to document the refugee resettlement, I received an array of reactions. Most of which consisted of immediate surprise, skepticism, and curiosity. Most people were initially shocked that a young, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, bubbly 22-year-old female was interested in contributing to such a momentous and complex topic – and even more – that I was interested in working with actual refugees.

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