Medium Article Supplies Food for Thought

The other day while paroozing through Medium, I came across an article that left me thinking. It goes through the rather long day of a woman going to the mall with her children, choosing to be a good person, despite the inconvenience. Then hearing the story of two woman from Syria and what they experienced in their home country. They expressed to the woman the importance of acceptance and allowing the opportunity to start over.
The article continues and highlights where our country stands towards the refugee crisis, and their lack of efforts. That our president, within his first seven days of presidency, made harsh bans against muslims and those who seek refuge.
There was a particular point, that while obvious and talked about regularly, is also so frequently forgotten. Many of those who voted for our current president, who disagree with allowing Muslims into the country despite their conflict and search for opportunity, are no different than many of their family members that came over many generations ago. That they also came here in search of opportunity. Here to start again. Here to support their families. Here to begin again and find refuge.
Shannon Sawatzki
Hello friends, I'm Shannon. I enjoy writing, interpersonal communication, and peace studies topics. John Hughes films and classic rock are the backbone of my existence. I thrive off of matcha lattes, seeing a dog in the general vicinity, and day dreaming to the sultry sound of The 1975.

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