Political Comics to Provoke Thought

Political Comics never fail to surface during the midst of civic dispute or controversy. They are quick to offer a blunt and often harsh perspective. While doing research on the subject matter of the refugee crisis, I came across a plethora of comics.  After going down a bit of a rabbit hole, I chose some of my favorites.  Some witty and clever, some too real and saddening. However, their rhetoric and agenda is straight forward and all turn towards the same direction, and propose various questions.

Why do people feel so threatened by refugees?

What can we do in the mean time to assist people that need refuge and help keep them safe?

Why are there not more people and countries playing their part?

Why is there a stigma among the refugees? Why are they thought of as less fortunate rather than humans like you or I?

Why have we let this happen and go this far?

Shannon Sawatzki
Hello friends, I'm Shannon. I enjoy writing, interpersonal communication, and peace studies topics. John Hughes films and classic rock are the backbone of my existence. I thrive off of matcha lattes, seeing a dog in the general vicinity, and day dreaming to the sultry sound of The 1975.

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