Dinner, Döners, and Discussion

Ten of us went out to dinner last night at a popular mediterranean restaurant in Darmstadt. It was decorated well with funky ceiling lights, cozy tables, and complementary bread– obviously a fan favorite. We were engrossed in conversation from the moment we sat down, covered almost every topic, exchanged belly laughs, and enjoyed a delicious meal.

Even the comfortability of our booth we were sat in, couldn’t stop the aromatic smells of fresh off-the-grill goodies that tantalized our hunger even more, as it was the first thing some of us had eaten all day.

We agreed that visiting New York City was a goal, obviously made from countless times of binge-watching Friends episodes; a classic.

The “what ifs” of life were discussed. One friend pondered as if he had only gained just three more percentage points on his entrance exam, he’d be pursuing a job as a doctor, and not an engineer. Although a let down perhaps at the time, we concluded everything seriously does happen for a reason.

We double checked with the waiter, making sure he knew some of our dietary restrictions even with the german language barrier.

The story of secret love affairs were told, as it’s hard to break the golden rule of not dating your friend’s sister. The budding romance turned into an engagement that was celebrated at the very table we were sitting at.

“Cat fishing”, favorite Netflix series, the college where we all met, being in our twenties, traveling, dreading Monday’s, all seemed to come up at least once.

As I paint this picture with my words as to how our dinner unfolded, what were you envisioning?

Did you think that some of our friends hadn’t eaten all day due to the celebration of Ramadan, but as soon as the clock struck 9:30, it was time to dig in?

Or that our friend’s only glimpse of American culture was through the eyes of media and entertainment?

In regards to food, Ahmad had to confess to me that the bread wasn’t vegan, but told me he knows the feeling when the drink he’s sipping on mistakenly has alcohol in it. Nonetheless, we understand the feeling, and have each other’s backs.

Did you relate to Ahmad’s feeling of not getting into your dream school, based on just being a few assessment points away?

And the “secret love affair” started after Ryad was his fiancee’s translator when she first arrived to Germany at the refugee camp.  Although in the past, Waseem still totally gives Ryad crap for dating his sister without him knowing for two months.

Now what are you envisioning? New friends enjoying a meal together, hearing about each other’s cultures, past’s, present, and future aspirations? Learning from each other, and just being realIsn’t that the point of friendship? Laughing, expressing vulnerabilities, and using your voice as a tool to share your story.

I think the five of us can agree; this dinner was one of the best we’ve had so far in Germany.

Thanks for the great meal, friends. 

Alexandra Pasquale
I'm Alexandra, and I am a creative individual ignited by the world around me. I enjoy storytelling with vivid imagery, personal experience, and just the right amount of quirkiness. I seek solitude in spicy curry dishes, rose gardens, and sharing a glass of cabernet sauvignon with my mom.

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