The Digital Refuge/e Experience

The experience is, at its core, driven by a simple question:

How are people experiencing refugee resettlement in Germany?

We are a small team of Americans spending a month in Darmstadt, Germany. We are being graciously hosted by Hochschule Darmstadt, partnering with valued colleagues in the International Office, Social Work: Migration & Globalization, Online Communication, and Online Journalism. While we are here, we are seeking the humanity of this humanitarian crisis, trying to understand as many perspectives as possible on the ongoing resettlement of refugees throughout Germany and the EU.

What is digital about this project? Beyond the sophomoric response that we are curating digital content to represent these diverse perspectives, Digital Refuge/e also acknowledges the crucial role that digital tools and mobile technology is playing in 21st-century refugee migrations, not only informing the migratory journey (weather, political news, reports on border crossings) but also facilitating the cultural production of refugees (social media, photography, video). The incorporation of digital technologies into refugee migration and resettlement in this century generates new phenomena that are distinct from the use of media by refugee communities in the previous century.

We hope to provide meaningful and insightful content that help us understand and appreciate the complexities of these global migrations.

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Mitch Ogden
I've been working with refugee communities for most of my adult life, as a community organizer, educator, and researcher. I am a professor at the University of Wisconsin–Stout where I teach literature, film, communication, and digital humanities.

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