This project is driven by this simple question.

How are people experiencing refugee resettlement in Germany?

We are working to collect meaningful stories and share useful perspectives. If you have contributions, please contact us.

We are a small team of Americans spending a month in Darmstadt, Germany. While we are here, we are seeking the humanity of recent humanitarian crises, trying to understand as many perspectives as possible on the ongoing resettlement of refugees throughout Germany and the EU.


On a final Note…

It’s not uncommon to hear of a college student studying abroad. I have met so many individuals that study abroad and take art or engineering classes to further their degree while gaining worldly experience. However, I would not say a typical study abroad experience would include meeting with refugees to record their stories digitally. I …


I had never really thought about the word research until I was working on this post. If you take the prefix literally, you are searching again. I don’t know if that’s fitting for most research, but my research on Syria and the ongoing civil war is definitely searching again. I didn’t have much of an …